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The project

Iepen Doar(p) is an artistic journalistic project that has registered the personal stories of all of the 128 households of Feanwâldsterwâl in audio and pictures. Iepen Doar(p) tells us about how and why the inhabitants of this Frisian village live where they live.

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The village

Feanwâldsterwâl is a ribbon village, which started at the end of the 18th century as a bogs settlement along the canal that marked the border between the ‘grietenij’ (the precursor of a municipality) of Dantumadiel and Tytsjerksteradiel.

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In the media

Iepen Doar(p) captures the imagination, as shown in the various media reports about the project. On this page we collect all that has been written and broadcast locally, regionally, nationally and internationally about Iepen Doar(p).

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The Creators

Iepen Doar(p) is made by a team of ten professionals, all of them coming from and/or living in Fryslân, led by Sjoerd Litjens, documentary maker and former inhabitant of Feanwâldsterwâl.

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Sponsors and partners

A variety of sponsors en partners made it possible that Iepen Doar(p) could grow from idea (2014) to reality (2018). We’re very thankful for that. We proudly present them to you.

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Would you like to know more about the project Iepen Doar(p), about the realisation of it, about the ideas behind it? Or maybe you’d like to let us know what you think about the project? Whatever the reason is, don’t hesitate to contact ús.

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