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The project

Iepen Doar(p) is an alternative exploration about solidarity, a changing notion in a society that’s becoming more and more global, individualistic and digital. A notion that historically and culturally has a special meaning in Fryslân, the province with the largest density of small villages in the Netherlands.

Public spirit

Iepen Doar(p) is a community project that shows that everyone has a special, moving and valuable story to tell. Sharing those stories will increase reciprocal understanding among the villagers and will strengthen the existing solidarity.

From 12 February 2018, Iepen Doar(p) published a portrait on this website and on social media for 129 consecutive weekdays. Every door in the village has been figuratively opened in this way. Simultaneously Omrop Fryslân broadcasted these audiovisual portraits. In this way the recent history of one of the most beautiful Frisian villages will be preserved for future generations.

Permanently accessible

After the publication of all 129 portraits Iepen Doar(p) – Feanwâldsterwâl will be concluded, with the expectation that corresponding initiatives will follow.
The website and therefore the complete content of Iepen Doar(p) – Feanwâldsterwâl is owned by Stichting Iepen Doar(p) and will be handed over to the heritage institute of Tresoar. As a result the online accessibility of the project will be guaranteed for the future.